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Pumpkin Palooza

Weekends Only

Starting September 14 and running each weekend through October 27



Play in the Hay!


After years of feeling bad whenever we had to tell the children they couldn't play in our stacks of hay, we've figure out a way for them to climb all around in it and go crazy. They can even try to find the "needle" in the hay stack!


Pumpkin Coach


Magic Pumpkin Coach

$1 per person

Take a ride around the farm, courtesy of our magic pumpkin coach!


Snap the dragon

Snap the Dragon

$1 per person

If dragons are more your style, let Snap cruise you around the farm!



western town


Western Town


Have a grand time panning for farmers gold, going to jail,
hanging your hat in the saloon and then stop to rob the bank -- in any order you prefer.




Make Your Own Scarecrow

$8 per scarecrow

Our Scarecrow Factory is popular with all ages! We supply the hay and little items to create the body -- just bring some old clothes, crazy hats or whatever else your imagination and back of your closets can conjure up.




pumpkin painting

Pumpkin Painting

$3 per pumpkin -- includes pumpkin and access to all supplies needed

Come, sit around the table and paint your pumpkin how you please -- scary face, happy face, no face but a pretty fall scene. You're limited only by your imagination (and your artistic ability).


pumpkin patch


Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Patch


Take your picture with Charlie Brown and his friends as you stroll through the patch to find that perfect pumpkin. This year we also have a new addition to the pumpkin patch -- "How tall this fall?" Measure your child's height against an 8-foot pumpkin!


witch board


Ride the Witch Broom


Another great photo opportunity for the little ones, bring them over to the "witch board" to take a ride on a the broom.




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